Mind set

Set your mind

Mind set is powerful, it drive you within. From no where to some where. Reach the goal, seeking the truth. It does happen to me. Being a mother, resume my mind and it happen with tiny steps toward huge leaps. Insya Allah.

This ‘setting’ happen might be about 5 years ago. Before it become visible. Met with Miss Jeyarani introducing ‘The Secret’ reveals more about subconscious mind. And of course ‘Nurturing Eeman in Childrens’ and ‘The True Secret’ really a good book for soul that make me dare to dream thing beyond imagination. At that time I set a few goals and write them in a journal- and look it back after maybe 3 years later. I’m surprised to see the note, Alhamdulillah it seems taking it pace to achieve all those. Insya Allah- there are a few arrangement to make so the flow of will become routine.

Leaving a stable govt-job, jobless, no paycheck, blessed with (more) babies- yet pursue mylifelong learning are very challenging. But, it is calming to know that my children are with me. I’m engineering them physically, personality and intellectual (bi iznillah) without nanny or maids. I’m cooking daily food to ensure they eat good food just like my mother did to me. I take my responsibilities as a wife, daughter, DIL and mother seriously; Insya Allah one fine day to the community.

I’m not wearing fancy clothing just like pass day, but professional task lies in small kitchen. I detached myself from colleagues and joining a few groups via mobile/nets . I drove children and family to places and no more heading to office of meeting. Paperwork, updating data, managing financial sheets, drafting marking rubric, planning lesson- now a history. Now, at my very own kitchen- I allocate time for checking daily budget, cleaning house, children lesson, read article and book at my own interest, calling parents and MIL and playing with my little one.

It is true.. sometimes you must drop a few loads so you can balance well and kept going…. with smile and syukr.

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